“My dream then was really to become a millionaire at 25, but it turned out to be the other way around,” revealed John Eynard Bastes, or EJ to friends and colleagues.

The young financial wealth planner of FWD Insurance Philippines considered that period of his life as his “quarter life crisis”.

“I was working in Manila then. My pay was big but unfortunately, I didn’t get to save. I had several debts to pay, maxed my credit card, and used up all my savings to satisfy my wants,” he said.

Or to encapsulate his experience in three words: bad financial decisions.

EJ then decided he to return to Davao and met a financial coach who helped him turn his life around. They did financial planing and found out the obvious – that his financial blueprint was in a mess.

Learning and accepting his mistakes helped him gradually change his mindset when it comes to his finances. It was a tough road to navigate but it took him safely – combined with a potent mix of discipline and hard work – to where he is now .

“I started to appreciate the value of financial planning. I was able to correct my habits on money, saving, and earning. I learned that if you know the right habits and you’re guided or mentored, you can steer your life to a better direction,” EJ said.

Having been able to go through his life’s rough seas motivated him to make coaching others as an advocacy.

“My aspiration now is to share my experience to others and hopefully get to inspire them. To tell them that the secret in being able to surmount financially difficulties depends on how hungry you are to work on your dreams,” he bared.

EJ is also advocating to his fellow millennials that you can YOLO and become a millionaire at the same time.

“Yes, you can. You just need to have the right balance and discipline ,” he added.

Today, EJ assists individuals and FWD Life clients in wealth and money management, fund investments, savings and retirement solutions. Last year, he was FWD Davao top-performing agent and qualified as an MDRT Top of the Table in view of his outstanding sales achievement for the year. He is also a Certified Accounting Technical in Canada.

This cum laude graduate from the Ateneo de Davao University, with a degree in Management Accounting, is also a Fund Manager of John Raymond Capital, where he manages the fund of his client through Philippine Stock Market trading. EJ also co-founded and led Invest MindaNow, a service and solutions company that promotes financial literacy to individuals, organizations, and small business enterprises through training and seminars.

In pursuing his advocacy, EJ facilitates transformational and leadership development training to individuals as Life and Wealth Coach of I Am Plus Limitless, Incorporated.

“I hit my goal at 27. It was two years late but I learned that kaya naman pala (it is feasible) if we just set our minds clearly on our goal,” he said.