Even with the massive efforts of insurance industry to reverse the notion of Filipinos gone cynic about getting life insurance, there is still this lingering paranoia of distrust, misconception and suspicion. I understand, as many of these clients have been burned before and getting the trust back of the public is quiet a callous task to accomplish.

The job to let us relearn the beneficial side of the industry and to let us understand, that hey! Getting a life insurance is not as bad as you think it is, in fact we’re getting more from it, falls on the capable hands of insurance reps. Getting to know our agents will make us feel more comfortable as we’re dealing with breaking cultural prejudices of the past.

Mary Joy Corilla is one of FWD’s Financial Solutions Consultant. She’s been with the company’s sales for a year now and has received various awards and recognition with her unwavering passion and dedication to imparting financial education to her clients. She was recognized as an All Star Awardee for her outstanding performance as Financial Solutions Consultant and has been granted several sales performance incentives because of her efforts.

Before entering the insurance industry, Mary Joy has worked with various multi-national pharmaceutical companies. Her fortitude coupled with passion with her job has brought her to receive numerous achievement awards and incentives for driving up sales and promotions of the company she represent.

Mary Joy is a Computer Science graduate of The University Of Mindanao in Davao City.

Joining FWD gave her harder challenge than she could ever imagine. When asked which is more difficult between being a Med Rep and a Financial Solutions Consultant, she candidly chose the latter. Not that she can’t turn in sales to the company, but because with insurance she get to deal with the emotional side of the transaction. “You have to listen to your client’s stories, their fears, their problems, their dreams and aspirations and capitalize on these emotions to bring in sales,” said Mary Joy.

“I am thankful to FWD, as while pressure is inevitable, which I know part of the job. I was able to provide for my family. I was able to travel abroad because of FWD’s incentive programs. And this also because I was able to achieve my target sales and become an awardee,” she added further.

While FWD Insurance is barely new in the country, they are actually one of the fastest growing insurance companies in the Philippines. This is a welcome development in which May Joy and her team will be a part of.

It’s always nice to meet and know the real and hardworking people behind the industry that even up to this day a lot of Filipinos are so prejudiced to. A true challenge for every insurance rep like Mary Joy to reverse this notion to work for both parties. So the next time an insurance rep would come and pitch their products to you, listen to them, they know better.

Thank you, Ms. Joy for sharing your story with us!

Even with life’s challenges, I’m one with FWD; I’m all set to Get Ready To Live!