You only live once. YOLO.

I think a lot of us have encountered most millenials or the younger generations justify majority of their life’s decision with this phrase – you only live once – or even us, at some points in our own lives, used this justification as well.

Personally, if there’s one thing I should have given more attention in my younger years, it could have been learning how to manage my income and finances very well in order to secure a better life for me and my future family. Having an intimate conversation with some of the best financial coaches of FWD Life Insurance Philippines together with my fellow influencers last August 10, 2017 taught me so many ideas on how I can realign again my present circumstances to mold it into becoming a far better future.

FWD Philippines seem like to be a new player in the insurance industry, having only launched in 2014, but it has paved its way to becoming the fastest growing life insurer in the country. I was very fortunate to have a chance to sit down with the best financial coaches of the company, one of which is their Financial Wealth Officer, Ms. Catherine Domingo.

One look at Cathy and you’ll definitely assume that she’s an achiever in her field in areas where financial coaching is concerned. In 2016, as the team’s unit manager, one of her achievements was producing seven (7) Elite financial planners out of 10 people. Not only that, as a licensed financial wealth planner for 5 years, she was already a recipient of the Frontline Leader Award, having produced the first Million Dollar Round Table in Davao. Indeed, she had already established a name in the insurance industry, and will continue to mentor and build more financial coaches in order to help change the way people feel about insurance.

Her background in sales and marketing helped her a lot in becoming who she is right now. Prior to joining FWD Philippines, Cathy used to be the Business Development Officer and Training Director of Fusion Excel Global Marketing, a sales distribution and training office for Visayas-based sales and marketing agents of Fusion Excel International. In 2010, she founded Change Today International, a global coaching and training company in the Philippines, Canada, USA and Latin America.

Having graduated as a Cum Laude with a bachelor’s degree in Film from the University of the Philippines in Diliman, her passion for such made her more interested in listening to people’s life stories particularly in their passion, needs and current life situation. Banking on these information and using her trainings in coaching and leadership, she takes a step further in empowering them through financial literacy and management so that these people can recreate a better future for themselves and their families. As a Financial Wealth Officer, she doesn’t just limit her game in selling insurance packages, but she’s more interested in passing her expertise in financial planning and assisting people in their financial goals. Her niche market in the insurance industry is families because as a mother herself, she can relate very well to the needs and aspirations of families.

Together with my fellow Davao Digital Influencers, we were given a quick glimpse on how their team does financial planning. Learning a lot from this conversation with Cathy definitely changed the way I look at my financial situation and inspired me to recreate a better ending for myself and for my future.

You only live once. Indeed, one shot of life is guaranteed for all of us and having this mindset all the more should redirect us to make it the best as much as possible.