FWD Life Insurance Philippines seem like to be a new player in the insurance industry, having only launched in 2014, but it has paved its way to becoming the fastest growing life insurer in the country. A week ago, some members of Davao Digital Influencers, Inc. had a chance to meet some of the sales team of FWD Life Insurance to hear about their success stories, values and how FWD helped them improve their lives and their clients.

Maria Theresa Pia Zamora – Area Sales Head of FWD Life Insurance Philippines

As a single mom, she believes that FWD can give her and her daughter a brighter future. She said that FWD is true to its tagline to always get ready to live your life. She added that, there’s always pressure in work in any industry but at the end of the day, what’s more important is when she’s able to help people with an informed decision.

Mary Joy Corilla – Financial Solutions Consultant of FWD Life Insurance Philippines

“I am thankful to FWD, as while pressure is inevitable, which I know part of the job. I was able to provide for my family. I was able to travel abroad because of FWD’s incentive programs. And this also because I was able to achieve my target sales and become an awardee.”

Catherine Domingo, Financial Wealth Officer of FWD Life Insurance Philippines

As a Financial Wealth Officer, she doesn’t just limit her game in selling insurance packages, but she’s more interested in passing her expertise in financial planning and assisting people in their financial goals. Her niche market in the insurance industry is families because as a mother herself, she can relate very well to the needs and aspirations of families.

John Eynard ”EJ” Bastes – Financial Wealth Planner of FWD Life Insurance Philippines

Learning and accepting his mistakes helped him gradually change his mindset when it comes to his finances. It was a tough road to navigate but it took him safely – combined with a potent mix of discipline and hard work – to where he is now . EJ is also advocating to his fellow millennials that you can YOLO and become a millionaire at the same time.